Welcome to the World of Audio Production

This is an exciting era to live in. Profound changes of the music industry are here to stay. Musicians and producers all over the world can live their dream with almost any budget.

This is also a bit of a schizophrenic era. Since virtually everybody can do a full music production completely on their own, many people actually do so. Ironically, the music we have known and loved for decades exists because people came together and shared the same vision; and it is these social aspects of making music that are now in danger - despite the fact that today collaboration is easier than ever.

Thanks to the internet, different countries, even different continents are not a problem anymore. So if you know what you are capable of, and decide to focus on your strengths, you now have access to a world of potential contributors to help you out with the rest.

This is where people like me come into play.

My project studio is geared primarily towards mixing and mastering. However, I offer editing services and session playing, too, so from audio book to audio CD there are a number of ways in which I can help you concentrate on your art so you don't have to bother with technical details.


You will find more information on the following pages. Just allow me one preliminary note about a topic dear to me, concerning mastering mainly (but not only):

I will deliver a dynamic master with a reasonable intrinsic loudness. I am adamantly opposed to the so-called 'loudness war', that is the struggle for maximum perceived loudness at any cost while inevitably compromising the sound quality!

For further information on that topic please visit Dynamic Range Day or Pleasurize Music Foundation.

Engineer/Musician Matthias K.

Matthias K.