NHR News #13


This past year was an eventful one, moving in a whole lot of ways. But I'm only going to tell you about my new recording studio today.

It all started quite innocently. I came up with the idea of moving my studio out of our apartment, while extending the space at the same time. That was just over a year ago.

Finding the new facility was not much of an issue. It proved to be a notably bigger challenge, however, to bring the rooms visually as well as acoustically into the professional shape I had envisioned. And that was despite the fact that we did hire the appropriate professionals for each step of the way. Oh well, spilled milk and all that. It's the result that counts, isn't it? Especially if the result is excellent beyond any doubt: the new control/mixing/mastering room is outstanding for critical listening, the new tracking room has an unobtrusive sound that leaves the door wide open for creative mixing decisions, and there is even a cozy little lounge. Acoustical interference from or to the outside is largely ruled out, yet there's always a smooth climate inside.

It required an awful lot of effort to accomplish all this, the more so as the studio is still situated within a residential area. But it was well worth it: the new studio is just a lot of fun!

So far I couldn't find any time to upload new audio examples or pictures to the website, but I will at some point.



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