The jingle you produced was part of our election campaign, and through your excellent work, you, too, contributed to our success.

J. Becker, Party Chairman


Beautiful mixes, a wide dynamic range, and a well-balanced frequency spectrum - a pleasure to listen to!

Ludwig Maier, Mastering Engineer


I'm absolutely thrilled by the song and our collaboration! In bringing my wishes to life, you have incorporated all of your love for music. A most wonderful result in a great atmosphere. I will always choose No Hairline Records for my recordings. Top notch!

Manuela Palme (Recording, Arrangement, Mixing)


This is sick! I like it a lot.

Angel Sam & the Bad Boys (Recording, Session Playing, Mixing)


I'm lost for words now.

Ophelia Kaa, Mantra Garden (Recording, Session Playing, Mixing, Mastering)


Professional and relaxing - professionally relaxing, relaxingly professional.

Al Trogee (Recording)


I think by now you know better which kind of artwork I need than I do myself.

John Burn (Artwork Design)


We wouldn't have thought it could sound like this. (...) Working with you was a pleasure, too, because we learned so much from you. (...) Thank you for your help, and we'll certainly get back to you when there are more songs to be mixed and mastered.

Žabie Pierko (Mixing, Mastering)


Working with you is fun (...) and the result turned out really great - awesome!

N. Güting (Video Editing, Post Production)


Collaboration was excellent, my ideas were received and realized pretty darn well. The very relaxed atmosphere helped me perform my new songs in the best possible manner.

I totally look forward to working with you again.

Zhpend (Recording, Mixtape Mixing, Mastering)


I experienced the No Hairline Records studio for the first time in the production phase of three new classical compositions by John Burn. Showing competence and serenity, audio engineer Matthias Kahlmann prepared the ground for playing and working at the best. What more can you wish from a recording studio than feeling well represented?

He succeeds in having technology in the right place at the right time without running out of patience - a basic prerequisite for good work. I'm curious about the sound of the finished product while I'm also looking forward to the result. I wish NHR all the best for the future!

Klaus Holsten, Flautist (Recording)


We had a great time with No Hairline Records. The vibe in the studio as well as the result of our recordings blew us away.

You're up for good coffee and professionalism? Come visit NHR!

Killing Your Idols (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)


I'm definitely stunned. Be assured this hasn't been my last visit.

K1D (Recording & Mixtape Mixing)


This is a place to be comfortable; and although the circumstances were quite challenging, the result turned out just great. We're looking forward to our future cooperation.

Satyrias (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)


Dear Mr. Kahlmann,

I would just like to thank you today. Recently, our daughter was lucky enough to experience a day in your recording studio together with her schoolmates. (...) To record the school anthem in a real recording studio was very special to her. She came home tired and happy in the evening, full of wunderful impressions. (...)

Besides, we teachers at Eichendorffschule like the achievement very much, too.


I really liked the technical equipment.

Evi, 1st grade (Recording)


We visited the studio to record our school anthem. We sang together quite oftentimes. It sounded as if we were many children, but there were only six of us. It was fun!

Emma, 3rd grade (Recording)


The two things among others I think are great in your mix are the voice and the piano sound.

Jordane Lafitte (Mixing)


For me, there's only one place for mixing or mastering. I have been to other studios but none of them came close to No Hairline Records.

Technology isn't everything. The people you work with are at least equally important, if not more. Matthias is not only a good audio engineer but also a great musician, and a very nice person.

John Burn (Mixing, Mastering, Session Playing)


Prior to recording with you I was not aware that I had a nice singing voice. While listening I realized you really hit the mark with all four songs. By that I mean you complemented the actual message of the songs perfectly with your music! Thank you!

Usch (Recording & Arrangement)


The studio was fun, and it was exciting to experience what you built around my singing. When I listened to the finished song, I was very happy with the result.

Mirjam, 8 y. (Recording & Arrangement)